Coolphone 2.0.0

A power manager app to cool off android phone

A power manager app to cool off android phone

Coolphone is a perfect Android power manager that can cool off your phone to safe temperature and extend battery life. Easily remove your worries: Phone overheats.

Main Functions:

1.One tap to cool: one tap to automatically close apps, optimize background settings and increase available storage, thus can cool your phone in safe temperature.

2.Intelligent scenes: It is originally designed to make it convenient for users to switch on/off phone settings in locked screen mode, including: WiFi, Mobile Data and apps.

3.Modes switch: Easily schedule Normal/Super/My modes to optimize power consumption. Plus, users can create customized modes for personal preference.

4.Shortcuts: Simple to set one-tap-cool and switcher to turn on/off settings.

Key Features:

1. Tap to cool off phone

2. Battery temperature

3. Kill tasks with one tap

4. Unique Intelligent scenes to optimize screen-lock mode

5. Various setting modes to switch: Normal, super saving power and customized

6. Quick switcher to control settings: WiFi, Data, Bluetooth, etc.

7. Create Shortcuts in home page as it is more convenient

8. Clean and simple interface



Coolphone 2.0.0